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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
10:58 pm
I figured you'd all want me off considering I haven't been on here in 500 million and two years. So if you're one friend short, it's me ;)

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Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
11:52 pm
yup. this is not friends only. ad me and i'll ad you back ;)

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
11:21 pm
once more i want to rape kittie for extreme use of lyrics, and Morgan Landers aparent understanding of this life i supposedly lead. Servered, I believe, is the appropriate term for this certain lyric. All I can say is: yum.

Look at you,
eyes wide opem,
truth begged to be told.
For you bought and sold.
I walk around in circles,
to revisit where I've always been.
You spoke of where your heart was,
I thought I knew you well.
Ties that bind you,
have been severed.
Look at you now,
eyes wide open,
truth begged to be told.
Look at you now,
eyes wide open,
truth begged to be told (for you bought and sold).
I want to make you feel this,
trusting arms let me fall once again,
I stood close to an enemy,
and to a closer friend.
ties that bind you,
have been severed.
Look at you now,
eyes wide open,
truth begged to be told.
look at you now,
eyes wide open,
truth begged to be told,
for you bought.and.sold.

good god. If I ever manage to get rich and famous and somehow obtain a voice (or a gig, for that matter) I'm doing that song or Pain. Both of those are...god. ha. For all you insane physcopaths who have ignored the wonderfulness of Kittie, proceed...

I feel your pain,
I feel your pain.
Almost lost it all,
you are all the same,
wounded bleed to death,
tarnish my name.
you deserve nothing at all,
you knew that life was a game.
you deserve nothing at all,
you must endure your pain.
woooooow(or yoow...hehe)
Left in the dark,
without a light,
hallow empty,
let's get it right.
you deserve nothing at all,
you knew that life was a game
you deserve nothing at all
just like...
red dress serpent
just stop it
just stop it
red dress serpent
and you'll stay here
and you'll stay here
wow, and you'll stay here
and you'll stay....
you deserve nothing at all.
you knew that life was a game.
you deserve nothing at all.
you must endure your own pain!

:: drool :: pain.

current mood: ecstatic

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11:10 pm

has anyone else seen that one commercial? It's got, like, these people and they're talking to their kid, and they're like "we can't believe it..." and show the girl w/ a tongue ring. The mom's like "you got your tongue peirced without shopping around for the best deal!" and then it shows her brother, really got w/ lotsa spiked accessories and tatoos and peircings, and they're like "your brother was smart enough to shop around!"

hehe. I want my lip peirced, badly.

current mood: working

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10:45 pm
Total Reading - raw score: 75(of 84) - Grade equivalent: PHS
Vocabulary - raw score: 29 (of 30) - Grade Equiv.: PHS
Reading Comp. - raw score: 49 (of 54) - Grade equiv. PHS
Total Mathematics(MY WORST SUBJECT) - raw score: 60 (of 80) - Grade equiv. PHS
Problem Solving - raw score: 39(of 50) - Grade: PHS
Procedures - raw score: 21(of 30) - Grade: PHS
Language - raw score: 45 (of 54) ; grade: PHS
Prewriting - raw score: 12(of15) - grade: 10.3
Composing - raw score 13(of 15) - grade: PHS
Editing - raw score: 20(of 24) - grade: PHS
Partial Battery - raw score: 180 (of 218) - Grade: PHS


holy shiznit, folks, we have a winner.
I'm all...happy

current mood: amazed, shocked

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9:08 pm
The Horse Vet: XXX pocPORn

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Friday, June 14th, 2002
11:21 pm
dUfFmAn4532: i luff u 2!:-P

Yay for Timmy!

current mood: touched

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11:12 pm

What is YOUR Highschool label?


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11:10 pm
I'm an atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

A(nother) Robert and Tim Creation

woot! Won't shibby be proud ;)

current mood: accomplished

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11:06 pm

Take the What Type of Friend are
quiz, and visit mutedfaith.com.


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10:57 pm
I forgot to ad this-

last night...this morning, whatever you want to call it. I talked to Kevon until 3 am...wow. He said he did like me, but he's not into dating people. I know, it bummed me out, but he was like "do you like me?" I was like "Yeah..." and I explained to him, surprising myself for suddenly being brazen, how i lack the ability to just tell people that, and that my biggest fear was rejection, and I found it strange how I could talk to him, who I almost barely know, about things I usually sit out of. He's like "I think that you have a certain comfortablness with people you like, and you want to tell them but you're not sure if you do." He said he wanted to be friendly friends, because he said dating wasn't for him. I almost feel safe like that, even though it seems kinda whorish. I mean, if you're not dating, you can't get hurt, right? Right. But, we've establish we like eachother, we established we'll go farther then friends do, and I don't feel so uptight talking to people now...yeah. It was weird...I mean, look at me. I can only talk to people like Jami, Vincent and Shibby about some things. Like, Jami and I are a lot alike, so I can talk to her about a lot of things. Others I can't, because she doesn't know me in person. I can talk to Vinnie about almost anything, but the deeper things I don't feel comfortable with, even though I'd trust that kid with my life. Shibby...I can barely talk to her about things that eat away at me...bisexuality, wicca, etc. She doesn't understand, it's against her religion. I respect that and her for that, that she's so steadfast into something...but Kevon I can talk to about all those things. I mean, everything. Wicca, he's been there. Cutting, we've done that. Trouble, we're done that. Bisexuality, we agree. Music, movies...it's almost insane how comfortable I am with him about talking about that. Sex, even!

Wow. Long lots of rambling...but it's true...
...if only I was more brazen and said that.

current mood: indescribable

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10:47 pm
oh.shit. first mckenna, now Abbey...poor poor Ashez :x I'm going back and sending Abbey all her posts I have, she may want them.

I'm sorry, Ashez...

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2:07 pm

I'll bet you think this is a good thing, don't you? Laid-back, relaxed, your role in the relationship equates with that of the three-toed sloth. You have about as much personality as oatmeal, and thus you are incapable of wanting much, let alone dredging up the motivation to ask</a> for it.

Take the "Are you High-Maintenance?" quiz by Rez/Sanagi no Yume


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1:25 pm
damn! my camera is out of batteries! I was gonig to show off my hair...it fucking KiCKS ASS. I'll get Kim to take them...wootwoot!

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12:20 pm
woot! The dye is in, I repeat, the dye is in! haha...this is so badass! Now alls I gotsta do is wash it in 20 minutes...yay!

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12:52 am
talked to Kevon ;)

iSaySpit: heya
iSaySpit: nice s/n
iSaySpit: know who this is?
ARTAMCINATAS: i'm guessing.... oh i don't know
iSaySpit: you're a smart boy, guess ;-)
ARTAMCINATAS: the only person that has my screen name
ARTAMCINATAS: sorry i didn't get back to you
iSaySpit: lol, really? I feel special now
iSaySpit: it's kewl
ARTAMCINATAS: my gramps is like NO you have to stay here with me
iSaySpit: I had to socialize with my parents, anyway, so i wasn't in my room to answer the phone
ARTAMCINATAS: so i hung out with him all day
iSaySpit: fun
ARTAMCINATAS: sounds like you had a great day too
iSaySpit: aren't parents great?
iSaySpit: I get to clean tomorrow
iSaySpit: hehe, but my mom's going to help me plan out my room and then we can do shit to it next week
ARTAMCINATAS: i thought you had to go to your dad's
iSaySpit: yeah, at 3
iSaySpit: so I have to wake up at 8 fucking AM
ARTAMCINATAS: hahahahahaha
iSaySpit: heeyyy
iSaySpit: don't make me smack you, pyro boy
ARTAMCINATAS: so you like it rough then
ARTAMCINATAS: ya pull my nipples hard
iSaySpit: oh yeah :: sarcasm :: i want you, i need you, oh baby oh baby
iSaySpit: lol, all six of them?
ARTAMCINATAS: ok, pick a few and pull them ... hard
iSaySpit: yay!
iSaySpit: I have such good taste in music, lol
iSaySpit: hehe, it's great, I'm listening to My Ruin :: drool ::
iSaySpit: good shiz
ARTAMCINATAS: that the way to go
iSaySpit: and I have, like, every version of Papa Don't Preach by Kelly Osbourne, that chick is the shit
iSaySpit: hell yeah
ARTAMCINATAS: have you figured any secret meaning in my name yet
iSaySpit: I don't even want to know
ARTAMCINATAS: ya, but she's a concided blow up bitch
iSaySpit: heey, yay for Kelly!
ARTAMCINATAS: howard stern was talking about how he blew him off the other day , in front of his kids!
iSaySpit: we need more chicks in rock! Aimee Echo, Teirrie B., Morgan Lander, Talena Atfeild, Jeshika, Agent, ...more females!
iSaySpit: what now about blowing off?
iSaySpit: he blew him off in front of his kids?
iSaySpit: ...
iSaySpit: okay
iSaySpit: SAMMY! he bit my fingers today, and now they hur
iSaySpit: *hurt
iSaySpit: Sammy! he bit my fingers
iSaySpit: sammy bit my fingers today
iSaySpit: hehe, "READ"
ARTAMCINATAS: who is that
iSaySpit: my guitar :/
iSaySpit: no, wait, that's my bitch, BE JEALOUS
iSaySpit: hehe
ARTAMCINATAS: tell sammy to go string himself
iSaySpit: lol
iSaySpit: he says he can take you, yo
ARTAMCINATAS: ya , well bring it on
ARTAMCINATAS: i'll pick his ass any day
iSaySpit: lol, i'm sure you will, dear
ARTAMCINATAS: dear, oh were on those terms now are we?
iSaySpit: woot! you know how Britney Spears sucks? and her song "Crazy" sucks?
iSaySpit: oh yes we are
ARTAMCINATAS: let me guess
iSaySpit: eh, Sugarcoma re-did it and they scream the verse, woot!
ARTAMCINATAS: you just found the slipknot song britney sucks
iSaySpit: nah, that was Limp Bizket, and I didn't like it that much
ARTAMCINATAS: ya, it pretty much.... well sucked
iSaySpit: it's Fred Durst
iSaySpit: his new shit sucks
iSaySpit: the old stuff was it, man, but now it's like "look! I'm a sum41 wanna be! woot!"
ARTAMCINATAS: have you heard ,you suck, by the yeastie girls
iSaySpit: nope
ARTAMCINATAS: download it
iSaySpit: I am
ARTAMCINATAS: ..........i'm turning japanese.................
ARTAMCINATAS: i really think so, ...............i really think so
iSaySpit: yay for "theSTART"
iSaySpit: 10 Nemesis! woot!
iSaySpit: aimee echo can sing...she's ugly, but hey
iSaySpit: lol, see, i'm officially obsessive, i know lots about bands most people don't even know
iSaySpit: I am officially a music whore and a loser
ARTAMCINATAS: you no loser
iSaySpit: ha.
ARTAMCINATAS: but you are obsesive
iSaySpit: yay!
ARTAMCINATAS: but thats why we love you
ARTAMCINATAS: you a cook
iSaySpit: aww, i'm loved
ARTAMCINATAS: ...........i mean cooc
iSaySpit: cook? like...cerial?
iSaySpit: hehe
iSaySpit: okay, so I'm a little out there
iSaySpit: :-!
ARTAMCINATAS: you way out their, but you still have to catch up to me
iSaySpit: we should make a club, damnit
iSaySpit: I'm the janitor!
iSaySpit: er...
ARTAMCINATAS: the fucking kook klub klan
iSaySpit: we can have club....slumber parties!
iSaySpit: lmao!
ARTAMCINATAS: ya! all for that
iSaySpit: and do makeovers! lmao...i used to do those :-\
ARTAMCINATAS: ...........um welll errrrr...... mabye we shouldn't call it the kook klub klan
ARTAMCINATAS: makeovers ,,,,, ya
iSaySpit: makeup and I don't get along, so I was the victim...
ARTAMCINATAS: well,...... ok
iSaySpit: hehe
iSaySpit: aww, but I could get my preppy friends over
ARTAMCINATAS: but i get to do yoiu first
iSaySpit: because you know pink is SO your color
iSaySpit: do me makeup wise?
ARTAMCINATAS: ......wait a minute
ARTAMCINATAS: .......um ya... i think
iSaySpit: lol, everyone wants a peice of the hot lil whore!
ARTAMCINATAS: .....um , yes....
iSaySpit: I was going to say, you're fucking confusing me
iSaySpit: >:o
iSaySpit: :: flips off :: bwaha
ARTAMCINATAS: yum that tastes so good >:o
iSaySpit: oooh, papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep. Papa don't preach, I've been loosin' sleep....wait a minute...what about good tasting?
iSaySpit: I don't need to know about your extra curricular activities >:\
ARTAMCINATAS: what?.....
iSaySpit: hehe, crazzy
iSaySpit: I'm a cat...catty cat cat...meow.
iSaySpit: I can pur ;-)
iSaySpit: hehe
ARTAMCINATAS: did you just sniff me as i went by
iSaySpit: I used to freak Vinnie and it out by doing that, it was great
iSaySpit: I wasn't smelling your spicy brains
iSaySpit: damn those pigeons
ARTAMCINATAS: i'm going to do that ot every one from now on
iSaySpit: I have to cover up all the holes in my head when I go outside
iSaySpit: those pigeons want my brains
iSaySpit: hehe, i tell people I can smell their spicy brains
ARTAMCINATAS: ...your spicy brains
iSaySpit: as if I don't scare them enough anyway
ARTAMCINATAS: .....wait, whose brains are we talking about....?
iSaySpit: Avril Lavigne...yum
iSaySpit: hehe, brains in general
ARTAMCINATAS: thats good then
iSaySpit: test tube brains
ARTAMCINATAS: yummmmmmm, brains
ARTAMCINATAS: , so spicy
iSaySpit: hehe...like in francenstite!
iSaySpit: er...Frankenstein
iSaySpit: "I got a brain! and the brain has a name! Abby-Normal"
iSaySpit: hehe, "I found it in a tube!"
ARTAMCINATAS: no, like in homer simpson ,,,,,,,,,,,, yummmmmmmmmmm, brains,. so spicy
iSaySpit: eep. I don't watch much simpsons :-\
iSaySpit: TV is the devil ;-)
ARTAMCINATAS: what the fuck?!?!?!
iSaySpit: YOU DEMONIC LITTLE...er...anti...christ thing dude!
iSaySpit: hehe, Kortnee is hyper
iSaySpit: woot! w00t
ARTAMCINATAS: i don't know weither to say argh or to just .... i don't know
iSaySpit: smile, the sugar fades
iSaySpit: O:-)
ARTAMCINATAS: the heck are you talking about
iSaySpit: :: blinks ::
iSaySpit: wow, someone had a spasm
iSaySpit: :-$
ARTAMCINATAS: oh,,,,, i get it ..... kinda..... only no
iSaySpit: hehe
iSaySpit: confusion for the pot belly pig!
iSaySpit: it's sugar...I'm normally very anti-social
iSaySpit: or all that damn sleep...hehe
ARTAMCINATAS: one or the two ..... but i think both
ARTAMCINATAS: don't help
iSaySpit: hehe
iSaySpit: this happens not very often...and for good reason
iSaySpit: hehe, DOGCOLLAR
ARTAMCINATAS: do you have chain.......?
iSaySpit: :: bounces ::
iSaySpit: no, it's spiked...hehe
iSaySpit: ;-)
iSaySpit: hehe, Eve used to lead my around by hers at the mall
ARTAMCINATAS: :: Demonic, EVIL Grin:: he heheheheheheh
iSaySpit: scared the shit out of people
iSaySpit: yay! evil!
ARTAMCINATAS: can i ??????
iSaySpit: lol
ARTAMCINATAS: hell..... you can lead me around
iSaySpit: lol
iSaySpit: fun!
iSaySpit: "come, bitch"
ARTAMCINATAS: i can be a good bitch i swaer
ARTAMCINATAS: well.,,, not now
iSaySpit: awww, i had a whip I used for my horse...but it left it with my physcopathic trainer when we left :-(
ARTAMCINATAS: HOLLY SHIT! get it and bring it back
iSaySpit: HA. Like I'm going back to her! :: shivers :: abbuuusseee
ARTAMCINATAS: you can use them on me if i'm in the mall and not obeying you
iSaySpit: I have spurs ;-)
ARTAMCINATAS: well ,, get your whip any way
ARTAMCINATAS: i like it....
ARTAMCINATAS: tight with shiney buckles. I like it
iSaySpit: lol, like in rat race "how much would it cost...we were in a tub of pepto bismal"
iSaySpit: "and you're in a sailor hat"
iSaySpit: "I clip your toenails...while you shave my buttocks"
ARTAMCINATAS: what ever makes you happy
iSaySpit: LMAO. Rat Race = classic movie
ARTAMCINATAS: have not seen
iSaySpit: oh, you must
iSaySpit: that line's from it...it's great
iSaySpit: the ending sucks, but the rest of it is great
ARTAMCINATAS: desire on scale 1 10 .......... lets just say aint very good
iSaySpit: there's a Hitler part!
ARTAMCINATAS: what happens
iSaySpit: they're all racing to get this money
iSaySpit: thing
iSaySpit: and this one guy ends up having to take his wife and kids
iSaySpit: so they're driving
iSaySpit: and they see this sign, "Barbie Museum"
iSaySpit: and the little girl wants to go
iSaySpit: and they end up in this place with all these skinheads ans punks
iSaySpit: learning about Hitler, who was called "Barbie"
iSaySpit: and they sneak out and their car is totaled
iSaySpit: so they steal Hitlers car
iSaySpit: and they're driving it and...hehe
iSaySpit: his kids are putting on things they find in the backseat
iSaySpit: and he's like "NO! DONT!"
iSaySpit: and his wife was putting on Mrs. Hitlers lipstick
iSaySpit: and he whipes it on the steering wheel
iSaySpit: and these bikers come by
iSaySpit: and he's like "i like your dyke...er...bike!"
ARTAMCINATAS: whipes what on the steering wheel
iSaySpit: and he burns his finger on the cigarett burner
iSaySpit: lipstick
iSaySpit: it's, like, black
iSaySpit: it's his middle finger so he accidently flips the lady off
iSaySpit: and they drive into this thing on accident 'cause the bikers are chasing them
iSaySpit: and he burnt his tongue the cigarett lighter
ARTAMCINATAS: what the fuck???!?!?1
iSaySpit: and then they drive into a WW2 thing
iSaySpit: the thing they drove into was a WW2 Vetran Memorial
ARTAMCINATAS: ya....... weeeeeeee
iSaySpit: in Hitlers car...and he somehow hit his face on the steeringwheel and now has the lipstick
iSaySpit: that's on his lip like Hitler's mustach
iSaySpit: and he's trying to explain but he burnt his tongue and was saying all this german sounding stuff
iSaySpit: and he's all like "my finger!" and flips them off
iSaySpit: it was great!
iSaySpit: you have to see it, my sugar enduced rush has made it seem like gibberish
ARTAMCINATAS: thts the fucking shiot
iSaySpit: yes it is
ARTAMCINATAS: ok......calm down
iSaySpit: hehe...and this lady catches her boyfriend cheating on her...LMAO
iSaySpit: she chases him in a hellicopter
iSaySpit: :/
iSaySpit: I needa helicopter :-(
iSaySpit: that'd be so great!
ARTAMCINATAS: ya it would.. but not untile your driver's licence
iSaySpit: damnit, I wanna chase people in it
ARTAMCINATAS: oh.. ok, in that case NO:-)!
iSaySpit: BUT
iSaySpit: EViL EX'S
iSaySpit: YES!!!
iSaySpit: :: bounces :: please? I'll love you forever!!
iSaySpit: lol, in that case, NOPE
iSaySpit: hehe
iSaySpit: YAY!
iSaySpit: I'
iSaySpit: ll clean it up
iSaySpit: :-DO:-) I'm good, i swear
iSaySpit: perfect obediant little goil
ARTAMCINATAS: ah screw it just mascer him
iSaySpit: WOOT
iSaySpit: YAY
iSaySpit: :: hug :: :: bounce :: suuuggaarr
ARTAMCINATAS: whats with the whole :: thing
iSaySpit: er...
iSaySpit: that's...
iSaySpit: stuff
iSaySpit: hehe
iSaySpit: ViNNiE'S ONLiNE!
iSaySpit: wooT!
ARTAMCINATAS: right now!
ARTAMCINATAS: did he just wake up or something
iSaySpit: hehe, i wouldn't doubt it ;-)
iSaySpit: no, I talked to him today
iSaySpit: he's been online for two hours, i just now noticed
iSaySpit: I was writing, hehe
ARTAMCINATAS: ok my comp is a piece of shit .... so wait a few min while i boot up ok?
iSaySpit: okei dokei smokei oakei
iSaySpit: ARTiCHOKEi
ARTAMCINATAS: alright ike
iSaySpit: albakercky!
ARTAMCINATAS signed off at 12:51:57 AM.
iSaySpit: woot

current mood: amused

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Thursday, June 13th, 2002
10:44 pm
tomorrow I get to clean :: rme :: I hafta wake up at 8...should be done by 10. s'all good. That means after I can actually dye my goddamn hair, plus we'll organize my room to what I want it to be like. yay!mom said we can actually do it n' shiz next week, I hafta go to dads tomorrow until Sunday @ 5, and Saturday we're going to the lake. Monday I'm going to Vinnie's to see what I gotta do 'bout the dogs...and then on Monday, or Sunday or something, I can put up my signs. I'll either make them tomorrow or at dads.

-nite ;)

current mood: bored

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9:39 pm
whoa, weird...I suddenly thought of Ray for some weird reason, and checked his LJ...he got a job. good for him ;) I miss talking to him, he was fun

:: yawn ::

So....I'm just talking to Amanda (weird, Ray...Amanda...two people I fought with and...yeah, weird) this is so cool, though...she knows about my bass now...so it's cool.

(Drown Myself)

9:35 pm
the name for my page? eh...something spiffy...er... Wish ? nah...One More Time. mm. how about...Broken! yeah! THERE! ha! BOO-YAH

oh, and be nice and look http://www26.brinkster.com/punkponi/hmm.html and tell me what you like better! THANKS.

(Drown Myself)

9:14 pm
I swear I will update my site tonight! I promise! I need a splash page...anyone know a place to d/l cool fonts?

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